Brothers in Arms – Hell’s Highway: biahh.exe has stopped working – here is how to fix it (updated)

Brothers in Arms – Hell’s Highway is a wonderful game, it received an overall 82 score on Metacritic and is generally a wonderful game – if you are one of the lucky ones to get it to run from the word “Go” that is. Like some users I was greeted with the following message after installing it on my Vista machine:

biahh.exe has stopped working

…followed by a lengthy error message indicating a “General protection fault”. Not sure how to fix it? Read more on how to fix the problem…


The problem

So you have a XP or Vista machine and just installed Brothers in Arms HH (if you preordered from a site like Game then you will have it a day before the store release date usually) and want to play, but instead you are greeted with an “biahh.exe has stopped working” message or a more lengthy message such as the one to the right.

Annoying, especially if you thought all was good and well on your system and there is no possible way anything else on your pc might be causing any problems: your antivirus is temporarily disabled, all other programs in the background have been stopped – nothing, still the same error. Fret not!


The solution

Luckily it is only a driver issue. If you noticed this error then your graphics and more importantly your PhysX drivers aren’t up to date. At the time of writing:

  • The latest Nvidia driver is 178.13 (September 25, 2008),
  • The latest ATi driver is 8.9 (September 17, 2008).
  • The latest stable PhysX driver is 8.09.04 (September 17, 2008).

If your drivers are older then please do the following:

  1. Uninstall your current Physx driver (even the one that came with the game during the installation procedure), then your graphics driver
  2. Download the latest drivers: Nvidia, Ati, PhysX
  3. Install the driver first, reboot if required, then install the PhysX software driver
  4. Enjoy the game


[Update 1]

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Following the comments below, here are a couple of additional steps that can be taken to get the game to run:

  • Install SP1 if you are on Vista
  • If you have downloaded the game on steam check for the game’s integrity and make sure it the check went to 100%, otherwise redownload it. Please also note Gearbox’ response about the Steam versions
  • If there is a crash after the spinning helmet then there seems to be a texture loading issue. Have you tried to run the game on the lowest settings?
  • If the game appears in the task manager, nothing happens and it then disappears then this seems to be a permission issue (same issue as iTunes had with version 7.0.2 on some Vista machines). Reboot, try again.


[Update 2]

Hello everyone from the official Gearbox and Ubisoft forums, many thanks for coming by. 1300+ views from those two forums alone, happy days!πŸ˜‰

Here are a few more suggestions if the game doesn’t run properly, lacks sound or crashes mid-game in any of the first missions:

  • Set the resolution to default (800×600) and change all advanced options to medium and start the game. Once you start playing the first mission (note you need to actually take control of the action) press ESCAPE and quit to main menu. Change the resolution to your normal / preferred resolution and set your advanced option to the settings you want (e.g. high)
  • If you cannot hear any sound then find an updated sound driver and install the OpenAL driver.
  • XP SP2 and SP3 users: update your Windows C++ Redistributable Package.


[Update 3]

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Before updating this posts, please can I ask you to read this statement please:

I am not affiliated to Gearbox or Ubisoft or Valve / Steam in any way, I merely wrote this article to help users with similar problems to mine to enjoy the game to the fullest as it was intended to. Please do not email me about any problems you have. – Alex

That aside, here are a couple of additional suggestions if you still cannot get the game to run:

  • ATi users: please install the Ati driver only, not the CCC
  • ATi users: if you have a crossfire setup please use the PhysX driver from the BiAHH DVD in combination with ATi’s tray tools. In most cases with solves a number of issues with framerate problems and crashes after checkpoints
  • Nvidia SLI and ATi Crossfire users: turning Vsync off on driver-level as well as within the options may reduce crashes on mission loads


[Update 4]

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Another potential fix for the game (many thanks to reader symbadawg for finding this in the Nvidia forums):

  1. Go to start menu, run, type regedit.
  2. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management
  3. Find the entry called β€œPagedPoolSize”
  4. Modify the entry (in hexadecimal) to 10000000 or (in decimal) to 268435456.
  5. Reboot and play

Please note that any editing in your registry is done at your own risk!!


[Update 5]

If you are still experiencing problems, try and get hold of a 100% savegame (have a search on Google for a trustworthy source). Overwrite your own savegame and once the game is running, select the save point right AFTER the infamous loading screen.Β  (thanks to Pieter for this suggestion).

Hope I could help, see you online! πŸ˜‰

93 Comments to “Brothers in Arms – Hell’s Highway: biahh.exe has stopped working – here is how to fix it (updated)”

  1. Anonymus

    I followed your steps in installing the latest drivers for both my Nvidia GPU and PhyX drivers.

    When I start the game it’s fine. The problem occurs when I create a new game, which takes me into the loading screen. Shortly after the helmet spinning once, it freezes — followed by the General Protection Fault similar to the one shown.

    I can think of no other solution. Is there any way to fix this, since I have done all the steps you recommended?

    Thank you.

  2. Fabian

    Thank you very much for your post, it did help to get the game running under XP SP3. Very much appreciated.

    Nice blog by the way!

  3. Danjano

    I use Windows Vista Ultimate, and

    This fix did not work for me.
    when I use the autorun I get the “Biahh.exe has stopped working” error, but when I star biahh.exe directly it loads for some time and then nothing happens. I can see the process in the task manager, but no game pops up. Also, the process uses all the cpu and memory a game would.

    please help me fix this! I really want to play this game.

  4. Hiya,

    A couple of updates on this situation (as I said, the suggestions above made the game work on all my systems):

    • Install SP1 if you are on Vista
    • If you have downloaded the game on steam check for the game’s integrity and make sure it the check went to 100%, otherwise redownload it. Please also note Gearbox’ response about the Steam versions
    • If there is a crash after the spinning helmet then there seems to be a texture loading issue. Have you tried to run the game on the lowest settings?
    • If the game appears in the task manager, nothing happens and it then disappears then this seems to be a permission issue (same issue as iTunes had with version 7.0.2 on some Vista machines). Reboot, try again.

    Hope this helps πŸ™‚

    PS: I am not a developer for Gearbox, I have merely written that page as I managed to fix the issues I had on both my Vista machines AND my XP SP2 machine using the aforementioned issues.

  5. Kevin

    I had the same problem, but i fixed it on my own. Here’s a list how I did it:

    1. Uninstall the Nvidia Physx driver, which the Nvidia driver 178.13 already installed in your system.

    2. Then go to Nvidia.com and download only the Physx driver.
    Install & reboot.

    3. Start the game and go to options, set the resolution lower and not the highest and change everything to medium.

    4. Play a level; mid video press escape and go to option screen and change everything to high including resolution.

    5. Enjoy…

  6. Marcus

    Hi Alex, Thank you very much for this post, I saw people linking to your article all over the place, even in the official Ubisoft and Gearbox forums.

    Thank you very much for saving me and many others a headache and posting this (looking back at it relatively self-explanatory) solution, you saved the day!

  7. Thomas

    i’ve updated the driver video first,then the physx,but the problem is still unresolved. when i start the menu,there is no sound,also in the game, and when i reach in the first level the first position and i fire at the german,the game goes to desktop and the same error “biahh.exe has stopped working”(translated from italian.)and this error window appears:
    General protection fault!

    History:Address = 0x987df6 (filename not found)
    please,HELP ME!

  8. ed

    hi if you got ATI uninstall catalyst mandger and just get the driver and Brothers in Arms HH will work. get ati tray tools v1.6.9. to get crossfire to work

  9. Alondite

    It seems that I crash in the Five-Oh-Sink (something like that) mission. Right after the part where there is an MG on a bell tower — after proceeding there’s a checkpoint and the game says loading in a black screen. What’s supposed to happen is that it should be followed by “Checkpoint Saved.” Instead, all I get is the general fault error with a bunch of filenames not found.

    I’ve updated every driver for my 8800GTS 512 and PhysX Drivers. I’ve also lowered my resolution and all details to medium (low somehow does not work for me, it crashes right from the start).

    It’s getting frustrating. Gearbox should send out a patch. Any help would be great =D.

  10. Quick heads-up from yours truly:
    The save problem is a known issue and is being looked at by the developers, I would guess that we can expect a response / patch hopefully soon.

    Remember, that is just an assumption, Knowing Gearbox’ excellent track record I would give it a few days πŸ˜‰

  11. mafiotu007

    i have the exact same problem as thomas, the exact same error code, but the think is i played the game just fine for 3 days, after that the sound went off, and every time i fire my gun….general protection fault, WTF?

  12. I received the general protection fault for Hells Highway…but i managed to sort it. I unistalled the 08.09.04 PhysX driver and installed the PhysX driver on the hells Highway dvd. The game then started and is playing great on HIGH everything.. best game Ive played for a whils.

  13. @ D Crosby: this is a bit of a silly idea seeing that the latest version from the NVidia website actually has an updated driver to work better with the UT3 engine…but if it works for you, great!

    Cheers for the blog post, Alex, much appreciated!

  14. drivers

    Whoa, it’s amazing that BiAHH depends on a minimum version of the nVidia, ATI, PhysX drivers, isn’t testing for them and/or provide them on the DVD, and doesn’t even give you a meaningful error message. What average gamer is going to understand a GPF?.

    Mr. Pitchford should be ashamed of himself. On the other hand, this doesn’t surprise me coming from Ubi. Their support has always been abysmal.

  15. Well you are being overly critical considering driver support in this particular case. This isn’t something new, if you think back almost every second game using the UT3 / PhysX combo required updated drivers as the ones on the DVD were outdated. To be honest, this is really just common knowledge these days.

    As to Ubisoft, they are just the publisher after all, and – unlike EA – they actually acknowledged the problem and are working with Gearbox on the problem. πŸ˜‰

  16. Hayley

    Amen, Alex.

    I contacted Ubisoft about this problem on Monday when I bought the game, and is was told then that they apologise for the inconvenience, but a newer version of the PhysX driver came out after the game went gold. EA would have never done that!

    Thanks for your articles, Alex, very much appreciated.

  17. Symbadawg


    Is there a fix or not??? I’ve gone through all the posts and did everything from uninstalling all the drivers and re-installing them. I’ve updated my audio drivers and I’ve even updated the bios just to make sure. I can play for a few seconds or a few minutes but eventually it crashes. I then get this general fault

    General protection fault!

    History: Address = 0x40b559 (filename not found)
    Address = 0x40b7c3 (filename not found)
    Address = 0x40afaa (filename not found)
    Address = 0x4f9fd7 (filename not found)
    Address = 0xc0cf94 (filename not found)

  18. mike

    When i go to install the phsyx driver on the accept terms page when i check the box and click next nothing happens. any one have any idea what would make it do this?

  19. ed

    if you got ATI uninstall ccc and just get the driver and Brothers in Arms HH will work.I’ve simply installed the catalyst 8,9 WITHOUT CCC ! (thats important,only the driver get ati tray tools v1.6.9. to get crossfire to work use physx_8.04.25 do not use PhysX_8.09.04

  20. symbadawg

    Still no answers?.. This is pissing me off. I updated all the drivers by first uninstalling them then running Driver Cleaner Pro then re-installing the drivers again. I even updated the bios and uninstalled the game then installed it again. It still crashes sometimes after a few minutes and sometimes after a few seconds except now I am geting the dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) and it is indicating a problem with NV4_disp.dll. ANYONE GOT ANY IDEAS????

  21. Listen, symbadawg, as I said a number of times, no one here is related to the development of BiAHH, I merely wrote the article because it helped not only me but also a great number of others.

    If you have a problem with the game I would suggest you try the official Gearbox forums as a first line of help.


  22. symbadawg

    Sorry Alexander I didn’t mean to imply that you or this site was in anyway responsible and I’m thankful for all the information I see here. I was able to rule out so many things jut from what is posted here. I should have posted my last message in Gearbox. It is just so frustrating to buy a game that you can’t play and neither the game developer or the graphics card developer are coming forward to even acknowledge there is a problem. I’m still not sure what the problem is but I did come across a fix that was a bit of help. After each crash I found that the temp of my 8600gt card was up to 82. I used Rivatuner to make some fan profiles and found that when I had the fan at 90% the game seemed a bit more stable. It still crashes but not as often.

  23. Hiya,

    I remember I had a similar problem with my old 7900GT on Crysis before I upgraded to a 8800 Ultra: the game would look corrupted, textures wouldn’t show, white lines would appear and some polygons would seem to center onto your crosshair, making it difficult to see anything.

    Turned out it was in fact the fan of my gfx card that started to show signs of struggle. After removing any possible dust and taking the fan apart for cleaning the fan started cooling the card at around 60, making gaming possible again and the game wouldn’t crash any more.

    Just out of curiosity, you mentioned Rivatuner, did you overclock your card at all or are you just using it to regulate your fans?

  24. Hiya fogler,
    Yes, that will be a reason for it not working, SP2 added a lot of functionality which this game makes a lot of use of. There are reports that you can get away with SP2, though I’d really recommend you take the plunge and install SP2 and SP3. πŸ™‚

  25. tvitch

    hey all, i have a strange problem that i havent seen anywhere else.

    my game will be running fine for quite a while & then it will just suddenly & randomly freeze up, not allowing me to escape/alt tab/alt ctrl del, & i have to force restart.
    no warnings, no error messages.

    i can run plenty of other cpu/gpu hungry games such as cod4, crysis, assassins creed, & valve source engine games with absolutely no issues.

    just this game is just randomly deciding to freeze up.

    i did have my gpu overcloked about 75-100 clicks on both/all the clock / memory / shaders sections, & thats usually a fine amount for any other game, & but anyway, i turned them back to stock settings & biahh still randomly freezes.

    to my knowlege i have all the latest drivers & ive followed many MANY different instructions on how to maybe assist in fixing the issue but it seems all to no avail.

    & yeah like i said, you can trust that my comp is more than capable of handleing all the required specs.

    im going to try to mess around with the physx drivers a bit more now & see if that helps, but yeah other than that, i really have no idea what else it could be..

    any help would be massively appreiciated! πŸ™

  26. symbadawg

    No overclocking at all just boosted the fan speed. I also need to have the resolution at minimum as well or it will go to general protection fault much sooner. I don’t seem top be getting the dreaded BSOD fault with nv4_disp.dll though.

  27. Booter300

    Hey i m getting a error while installing the game.. it says.. go to control panel and install configure system component. what is this.. plz sm1 help me.. i googled this but didnt get any ans… Plz help

  28. Bit of an easier way to do that:
    1) Uninstall PhysX and your GFX drivers using your control panel.
    2) Delete the folder C:\Program Files\AGEIA Technologies entirely.
    Not doing so may be with a reason why you may have issues of the game crashing when loading a saved game from the main menu or playing after a cut-scene
    3) Reinstall your GFX card driver (see my article for all latest links)
    4) Install the latest PhysX driver

    Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  29. symbadawg

    Finally found a fix that worked for me. It’s a registry edit and I haven’t had a biahh.exe General Protection Fault since. I found it here http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=58616 and this is copied from the post.

    1) Go to start menu, run, type regedit.
    2) Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management
    3) Find the entry called “PagedPoolSize”
    4) I recommend changing this to 256 megabytes. You can do this by modifying the entry (in hexadecimal) to 10000000 or (in decimal) to 268435456.
    5) Reboot your computer and watch the magic happen.

    I still have to reduce the resolution and make sure the graphics card fan is at it’s max but at least I get to play the game. I hope it works for others as well as it works for me

  30. Stilloz

    I just bought the game today and every time I get to the main menu and select single player or multiplayer, it runs just fine, But once I get to the loading screen with the helmet spinning, it freezes for about 5-10 seconds then goes to the desktop saying “biahh has stopped working”… I have uninstalled and reinstalled it twice hoping it would work..but hasn’t. Here is my computers compatibility:

    Windows Vista:
    Processor: Intel(R)Core(TM)2 CPU T5600@1.83GHz
    Memory: 1.00GB
    Video: ATI Mobility Radeon X1800

    I have no idea what is wrong with it but I am definitely thinking about returning my game or selling it to a friend since I cant even play it. Please respond with any advice or if you know how to solve this problem. I really want to play!!!

    Here is what the failure says:

    Rendering thread exception:
    General Protection fault!

    History: Open Adapter() Address – ox699102620 (filename not found)[in C:\Windows\system32kernel32.dll]
    CxxThrowException()Address = 0x731a8e89 (filename
    not found)[in C:\Windows\WinSxx86_microsoft.vc8ocrt_1fc8b9a1e18e3b_8.0.50727.1434_none_do8b6002442c891f|MSVCR80.dll]
    Address=ox681dd8 (filename not found0[in C:\Program File\Ubisoft\Gearbox Software\Brothers in Arms – Hell’s Highway\Binaries\biahh.exe]
    Address = oxe873204c (file not found)
    Address = oxe873204c (file not found)

  31. Bruce

    Fantastic – many thanks for the online help. Greatly appreciate the advice about running BIAHH .exe error. Right on – driver update/reinstallation cured it.

  32. Steven

    Hey Alex.I am running 32 bit vista, all my computer requirement match BRIAHH specs, but for the life of me. I still get the biahh.exe stopped working as soon as i try and start the game. I bought the game thru a legitament website who actually made the game Ubi and still cant get it to work. I get all the errors that are post in your blog about it still though. Can you offer anymore help. It is greatly appreciated. Just email me pleaseeeee!

  33. Steven

    Goto start-rt click computer, Explore(open),goto program files , goto ubisoft, goto Brothers in arms folder, goto binaries, look for biahh.exe, rt click and creat desktop short cut, click this and game will run. Have fun!

  34. Mr C

    *** FIX ***


    I managed to get past the loading screen by updating my graphics drivers, but the game still crashed when loading new videos/ save check points.

    I found a post on the official forum the has fixed my problem.

    – Are you running XP?
    – Do you have 4GB of RAM?
    – Did you edit your boot.ini file?



  35. JoΓ£o

    Hi, i was having the same problem but any of these solutions worked.. so I’ve found that the program DAEMON TOOLS was the problem, remove it and reinstalled the game et voila! working fine!
    Merry Christmas people
    have fun

  36. bm

    I had the β€œGeneral protection fault” error when I first installed BIAHH, wouldn’t even show the slash screen to load. I was looking into the driver fix, and thought it a bit odd that Physx wasn’t in the uninstall list, so re-installed, same problem.

    Downloaded the older PhysX drivers people mention come with the DVD (the DVD version wouldn’t initially run for me), and found they wouldn’t intall either. After clicking the “accept terms” in the install procedure it just did nothing. Copied it to a temp folder on my other partition and re-named it to something more sensible with the intention of installing with Command Promt using /quite as people recommended, but it actually ran fine after just the rename…

    After installing the PhysX driver BIAHH started working no problems, and even the Black Friday mission people were having problems with was absolutely fine… and I’m running quite old Catalyst 8.2 drivers.

    E6300, 2GB RAM, x1950 Pro, 1680 x 1050 (22″), XP Pro SP3. Played all the way through with changing the settings from HIGH.

    Hope this might help someone πŸ™‚

  37. Eric

    Hi hope some one can help. I have a dell laptop, dell has not updated there Nvidia laptop drivers since 2005 for this model any ideas.

  38. Eric

    Hey Alex
    Thanks for the quick response. The problem I’m having is I get to the MG in the bell tower, complete that mission, and get a black screen, no saved mission box appears. biahh.exe error appears. Is there a fix? Thank you for your help.

  39. Alexander

    I get “biahh.exe has stopped working” on startup and have never got further.

    I have tried uninstalling the PhysX driver (8.09.04)and reinstalling the older one on the game disk.

    I have followed the steps on this page by uninstalling the PhysX driver and the nVidia drivers (followed by relevant reboots) and then reinstalling the latest nVidia driver (181.22) followed by reboot. When I try to install the latest Physx driver it tells me that a newer one 909.00.10 is already installed.

    I have done the registry hack.

    The game still does not start.

    Any other clues

    PS many thanks for your work here and stepping in where Ubisoft/gearbox support haven’t bothered.

  40. bobby poker

    Excellent thank you very much, i can now play this game i hope it is good after the effort i put into finding a fix πŸ™‚

  41. darkknight

    I have a Core 2 Duo 1.83 GHz IBM thinkpad laptop with Intel 965 chipset, 2 GB RAM. I bought BIA:Hell’s highway but the game is troubled with the Blue Screen of Death. I updated the chipset drivers but still the blue screen appears with the name of the faulty component as igxpdx32.dll. Can some one plsssssssss hlp me??? I m dying to play the game.

  42. darkknight

    Just to add to my earlier comment. The BSOD comes after the spinning helmet screen. Since the graphic support on my laptop is shared one, will updating the Physx driver will help?

  43. Randy

    I have a brand new Dell Inspiron 530 desktop, and get a smaller general protection error. I click on the game, get a black screen with about 5 seconds of sound then the error pops up. PLEASE HELP asap!!

    Thank you!

  44. 00slevin

    Okay. After hours and hours…… I may have fixed my problem. First off I wasnt even able to start the game. Like i said i did everything i was supposed to that was stated on that website I mentioned. As a final hail mary…. I decided to delete the file that was giving me the problem, the BIAHH.exe file. I only deleted that file. then I verified the integrity of the game using steam, it redownloaded it and I was able to start the game!!. i exited and reloaded and still loads fine. I amd about to test the first level……man this cinematic is long…..cant skip….. yup i am playing it. running like β™₯β™₯β™₯ on my laptop but still able to play!. I hope this helps ya.

    update. my laptop wasn’t plugged in. running fine now

  45. Nerrad

    Don’t know about all of the above errors, the only thing wrong with my game is that when playing my graphics on my screen become disstorted, kind of like when you look left or right, up or down it smears the graphics. My card drivers are up todate, I have a Intel920 Core i7, ona Asus P6T deluxe board, with 6GB Platinum OZC memory and a BFG Geforce GTX296 video card.

    Anyone else come across this problem.

  46. Blasphemer

    PLEASE HELP! When i click install on the BIAHH menu, i get a message: “Please go to control panel to configure system components”

    PLS HELP ppl pls πŸ™

  47. Mantas

    Hy my problem is this. I played BIA HH a long time ago and now i wanted to play once again. I installed it but it just dont work. I click on the shorcut and bia logo opens but nothing else. Ive tried anything ,but nothing! Can you help me with that problem?

  48. @Randy: I am assuming you have fixed the problem by now, if you don’t then read “Update 3” and “Update 4” of my post.

    @Nerrad: Seems to be a refresh rate problem on your screen. Are you running any tools like PowerStrip or RivaTuner?

    @Blasphemer: Did you install DX 9.0c (after August 08 version)? You will also need to make sure you have the latest Service Pack for XP / KB updates after Jan 09 on Vista installed

    @Mantas: what is your setup? Have you installed any new components or drivers? What version number is your PhysX driver?

  49. Mantas

    PhysX 8.09.04 and yeah i installed. I think that this is the my disc problem maybe it did not install all files. So here are the question how many gigabites Sumac Game have?

  50. lux17

    hi. I installed ATI driver and physx driver but it didnt work. then i installed ATI tray tools but its keep coming the same message like before.

    the message is this: “Biahh.exe unable to locate component.
    This application has failed to start because nvcuda.dll was not found.Re-installing the component may fix the problem.” After i click OK it opens another window: “biahh.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.” After i click “dont send” it opens a third window: “Message.
    General protection fault!” it is like the picture from above but much smaller. can you help me pleaseeee???

  51. fazil

    please help me Alex,

    i’m using hp compaq 6720s laptop
    os – windows sp-2 and vista
    display card – mobile intel(R)965 express chipset family
    Ram – 2gb

    and i have a desktop pc having

    nVidia chpset, 1.5gb Ram ,AMD X2 processor …


    My problem is that , when i start this game both pc (desktop and laptop) display some error …..

    first it say …..

    “biahh.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

    then when i press don’t send button it will say another like this >>>

    “general protection fault!

    History:RaiseException()Address=0x7c81eb33 (filename not found)
    Address=0x151a90b (filename not found)
    Address=0x12ded01 (filename not found)
    Address=0x4015b3 (filename not found)
    Address=0x4017dd (filename not found)
    Address=0x12dde7d (filename not found)
    RegisterWaitForInputIdle()Address=0x7c816d4f (filename not found)

    what should i do?????

    please reply!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Nytes1982

    i just installed the Brother in Arms: HH, at first it runs beautifully, it even runs smoothly, but once in a while it freezes up and restart my PC and i’m not able to play it. I tried setting up the graphic to minimum and all the texture to medium, but it still restarts. some pleasssssssse help me!!!!

    Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66ghz processor, Intel 841 motherboard with inbuilt visual memory of 1gb, 3gb RAM (1gb shared by motherboard), Win XP sp2 is my pc confriguration, so pleassssssse anybody can help me…… as far as i know this is the best war game i’ve every played, IMO even better than previous version of Call of Duty. It really sucks that i’m not able to enjoy this game….. SOS …. SOS….

  53. @Mantas: sounds like an install problem, did you reinstall at all? If you did, make sure you install the PhysX driver from the nvidia website after that as the BiAHH physix driver might have overwritten newer components. This happened to some before.

    @lux17: install these drivers: http://www.nvidia.com/object/physx_9.09.0428_whql.html (June 2009 version), this will fix your dll problem

    @fazil: please use the same link I told lux17 to use.

    @Nytes1982: Install Service Pack 3, then install PhysiX again (if required) and have a look at your graphics card, it looks to me as if that is the culprit, are you using anything like RivaTuner or Powerstrip?

  54. ovarli

    hi all i dowloaded rip version of brothers in arms h highway but its not workin and when i try to run biahh.exe this massage is appearing

    General protection fault!

    History: RaiseExeption() Adress = 0x7c812afb (filename not found)
    Adress = 0x151a90b (filename not found)
    Adress = 0x12ded01 (filename not found)
    Adress = 0x4015b3 (filename not found)
    Adress = 0x4017dd (filename not found)
    Adress = 0x12dde7d (filename not found)
    RegisterWaitForInputIdle() Adress = 0x7c817077 (filename not found)

  55. Nytes1982

    Hi, i installed SP3, then reinstalled the whole game again but the same problem still occures, it crashes and shows a blue screen now, before when i had SP2 it use to restart and don’t understand what u mean by checking the graphics card and i also didn’t understand what u mean by “culprit” and i haven’t installed any “RivaTuner or Powerstrip” so if possible help me pleaseeeee….

    Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66ghz processor, Intel 841 motherboard with inbuilt visual memory of 1gb, 3gb RAM (1gb shared by motherboard


  56. Ronald

    Hello there !!I need some help.
    I’m trying to play this game,it’s look fine on the first scene when the end off the scene 3 enemy soldier came to me & shoot me.
    After that,I step to the first mission,& it’s BSOD.What should I do …??Please help me!!
    Sorry if my english is bad.
    I’m running this game on my Notebook Lenovo
    Core Duo 2.1 GHz
    1 GB RAM

    Thank you.

  57. Anti


    I’ve got Ati radeon hd 3850 512mb agp with driver,(without ccc) and last physx driver or “dvd HH” got the same problem! when start the game “General Protection fault History adress = 0xf9b2a2”
    Please i need help! i search since 2days… no reply for that only here i hope

    “1gb ram” “amd 3000+”

  58. AA


    i have the same APPCRASH problem.

    I have nvidia 8600m gt. windows vista 32.

    when i check the PhysX Properties, it says “No AGEIA PhysX Processor installed”

    Help Please.

  59. @ Ronald: reinstall your PhysX drivers. It could be that your laptop is just not powerful enough for the machine? What exactly is your error message?

    @ Anti: Read the thread again, your problem has already been answered πŸ™‚

    @ AA: I would recommend you install the NVidia drivers again, followed by the PhysX drivers. Have you managed to get into the first mission at all in any resolution / level of detail?

    .-= Alex´s last blog ..Go Skimming iPhone app is live! =-.

  60. AA

    @Alex : Hi. I went to the Nvidia website and checked if i needed any driver update. As it turns out, i did. So after updating the drivers the game worked perfectly. Finished it already. Waiting for the next installment in the series.

    Cheers. πŸ™‚

  61. bo

    hey. ive download everything.. from the drivers to the physx. also got the game running in low settings. it runs only up to the revolving helmet after bakers intro movie… then it crashes.. help..

    nvida geforce 9600m gs
    4gb ram

    service pack 2 xp

    help pls.

  62. john treff

    i hav installed bro in arms hells highway on my pc but the game is giving an error msg—–“dxd3.dll not found”——- wat should i do i hav installed da game again and again but nothing gooooooooooooooood happens plz tell me the solution

  63. I have installed windows 7 on my laptop. And running on XP-SP3. All the other requirments are there. As soon as I click on new game its all slow response from mouse response is even worse. PLS help


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