How to sell SEO - I closed my 11th SEO proposal. This may not sound very impressive (and it isn’t a high profile client either), but it does to me, not only because it adds a few more numbers for the account handlers, but because it means that my sales strategy works (11 out of 11 closed) and that the data I am showing and preparing is useful.

One of my followers on twitter asked me what my trick is, so I thought I’d write down what is helping me close a sale, in the hopes it might prove useful for some of you.

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Web Design, Web development

New Blog design for is live! has been around for almost a year, and in time for its first birthday I thought I’d take the opportunity and rethink what I actually want to do with it. So I chose to make two drastic changes:

  • Add SEO as a category – because I am now working a lot more with SEO consultants and do a bit of SEO for clients myself (which is working out really well already) this just needed to happen sooner or later
  • Rethink the design – the previous theme I based on a theme by C.Frazier worked well, but it turned out to be very limiting, especially with WordPress 2.7 having added a lot more commenting functions and a very functional interface

So in the end I chose to go for a theme by Vladimir Prelovac. The theme is very modern, has a wonderful layout and after a bit of hacking it tracks pingbacks and tweetbacks successfully. If you want to know more about the theme or Vladimir then please click here (and if you want to follow him, click here).

Please let me know what you think about the theme 🙂