Alexander Rehm on April 22nd, 2009

When working freelance, some of the time when you are working on a client’s website or print material you are being given some sort of branding guidelines to adhere to. Some of the time these branding guidelines exist somewhere in a drawer in someone’s desk, but no one knows where. This is even worse when […]

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Adobe announced in February this year that its latest version of Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player has been released for beta testing. This new player will enable developers and integrators to create rich, expressive applications targeted to the latest version of Adobe’s Flash technology, with the ability to distribute their apps including the runtime installer […]

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Alexander Rehm on April 16th, 2009

In the beginning of January, Mozilla Labs, the developers behind the beloved web browser FireFox, have announced the release of Bespin, its first  initiative for open web development. Bespin is an open, extensible  web-based framework for code-editing with the aim to increase productivity, promote open web standards and egage users and developers on a high […]

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