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Having fun in Infinitown

Do you enjoy WebGL tech demos? Imagine a little town with perfectly square city blocks, a park, a coffee shop, a factory, a gas station and cute little homes. Cars and trucks are driving through the streets, but as you navigate through the town, you realize that there’s a twist: no matter where you go, you’ll never reach the town limit.

Infinitown is a WebGL concept made by the team at Little Workshop. It’s an attempt to create a city that is alive and fun to watch.

How it was done: Little Workshop generated a finite grid of random city blocks, then the viewpoint wraps around this grid, and thus makes it seem infinite.

Check it out here: Infinitown

Tools used: Three.js, Blender, and Unity


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…ever?? Yes!

A lot of aspects add up to an inclusive web experience. Considerations that might not come to one’s mind in the first place — like the use of inclusive language or providing alternatives or descriptions for complex visualizations.Or, accessible considerations such as providing transcripts for audio content.

To get your site on the best track of becoming truly inclusive, the magical Heydon Pickering has put together an Inclusive Design Checklist. The biggest and most comprehensive one available. It includes items for accessibility, performance, device support, interoperability, and language.

Do check it out!


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Often, it’s the small things that take a user experience from good to memorable. This could be a useful tooltip, a straight-forward registration flow that doesn’t ask for the world, a simple checkout process or a useful way you’re being upsold products.

For UX designers, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and to stay inspired with examples of outstanding UX. 

I came across a site called Really Good UX which is collecting some amazing UX details from around the web and explains what makes them so good. Definitely worth having a look!

Let me know what you think! 🙂

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I am very pleased to announce that the new Visit York website has gone live today!

The website was designed by Our Agency in conjunction with Visit York and built by yours truly and Severine Vidal and is based on NVG‘s mobile modular CMS Pro. It features a host of new options and modules to maintain and update the site.

The site features some lovely  content and imagery, so it is definelty worth having a look!


And for Christmas:

Click here to visit www.visityork.org

Good times 🙂


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My Devon iphone app iconWe have just released the My Devon app!

My Devon is a comprehensive guide to things to do, events, shopping, attractions, eating out and where to stay across North Devon and Exmoor. The data is fully cached on the phone so you don’t need a signal to use it.

My Devon allows you to plan a day out or see ‘what’s nearby’ when out and about. The search functionality allows you to:

  • Choose an area
  • Search near a town
  • Search near your current location
  • Drop a pin
  • Filter the data

Each entry describes the attraction with pictures, opening times and full contact details, and if you’re looking for accommodation it even allows you to book!

If that is not enough, you can also add places to your favourites, email places of interest to your friends, and a quick link shows directions from your current location by car or on foot.


my devon iphone and ipad app screenshots

Currently displaying content for North Devon and Exmoor, My Devon will shortly be expanding to include Devon wide content which you automatically receive free on the app!

download icon Download the My Devon app here (it is free!)


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I am very pleased to announce that we launched the LoveSussex.com website today!

The website features beautiful imagery and content about things to do in Sussex, which is only an hour away from London. Be it culture, seaside, hertiage or countryside, the website offers something for everyone!

This website was designed by yours truly, and is built using NVG‘s modular CMS Pro.

 Click here to visit the LoveSussex.com website

Happy days 🙂

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mobile colchester screenshotI am very pleased to announce that we have launched the mobile version of the Visit Colchester website yesterday!


The mobile version of the site contains a wealth of information on events, attractions and accommodation in and around Colchester and displays a nice take on mapping for venues.

The website was designed and built by Severine Vidal and and is based on NVG‘s mobile modular CMS Pro. It features a host of new options and modules to maintain and update the site.

The site also has some lovely imagery, so it is definelty worth having a look!

Click here to visit m.visitcolchester.com

Good times :)