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Fixing the “NO DC” issue on NVidia graphics cards – at least for now

The ‘NO DC’ watermark has been an issue for over a year with NVidia drivers – will we finally see the end of it?

Some of you may have noticed that whenever you play a game, or even work within an application within Windows that uses any kind of GPU acceleration that you sometimes see a “NO DC” in the top left corner of your game.

A method that was widely shared on reddit and also NVidia’s own forums was about deleting the “nvdrssel.bin” file from “C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\Drs” – and to be honest, deleting any kind of driver dll always sounds lke a bad idea, right?

I friend of mine mentioned a possible solution which I’d like to discuss…

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How to GraphQL

GraphQL enables a client to specify exactly what data it needs from an API, so instead of multiple endpoints that return fixed data structures, a GraphQL server exposes a single endpoint and responds with precisely the data a client asked for. If you want to wrap your head around GraphQL, here are two great resources to get you started. How to GraphQL is a free open-source tutorial to take your GraphQL skills from zero to production. Divided up into two parts, part one covers the core concepts of GraphQL while part two gives you a broader understanding of the GraphQL ecosystem.

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Global AI Survey: AI proves its worth, but few scale impact

Do you use AI in your company yet? Adoption of artificial intelligence continues to increase, and the technology is generating returns. The findings of the latest McKinsey Global Survey on the subject show a nearly 25 percent year-over-year increase in the use of AI in standard business processes, with a sizable jump from the past year in companies using AI across multiple areas of their business. A majority of executives whose companies have adopted AI report that it has provided an uptick in revenue in the business areas where it is used, and 44 percent say AI has reduced costs!

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UK Gaming worth more than video and music combined

Interesting: The video games sector now accounts for more than half of the UK’s entire entertainment market, according to a new report by the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA).

The industry is worth £3.86bn ($4.85bn) – more than double its value in 2007, and makes it more lucrative than video and music combined. The games market has grown, despite the fact that the physical console and PC games market shrank slightly in 2018, and digital also had a modest 12.5% growth.

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A quick update for Movember

Alexander Rehm's Movember photo
Me, in front of a poster at Jagex

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know, I have managed to raise GBP £239! Thank you all for your donations and your help, what an amazing experience!

In the end, Team Jagex managed to raise a whooping GBP £7,780, placing us #2 in the Gaming Challenge, just behind Ubisoft Toronto.


What happens next?

Donations can still be submitted year round, however, for reporting purposes Movember closes the financial year on April 30, and it is at this point that we’ll know exactly how much has been raised from the Movember 2012 campaign. In May, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) audits the financials and will determine the exact amounts to be directed towards programs.

Until then, the team will be working closely with each of our men’s health partners to ensure all funds go towards world class programs in line with their long-term strategic goals.  It goes without saying that everyone at Movember takes this process extremely seriously; it’s not simply a matter of handing over the funds.

This unique global perspective gives Movember a bird’s eye view of prostate cancer programs happening around the world, allowing them to help partners by facilitating collaboration, removing duplication and sharing best practices – all of which help to accelerate outcomes in the field. This position and knowledge is what helped form our Global Action Plan (GAP), which is the first program to be funded directly by Movember, involving partners from across the globe.

Once again, thank you all! 🙂