The First GTA6 trailer dropped – here’s what I’m thinking

A few thoughts on the GTA6 trailer from Rockstar Games

The first GTA6 trailer, courtesy of Rockstar Games

Reflecting on the three generations that have passed since the iconic GTA: Vice City, it’s not just the expansive scope of the city that captivates but the remarkable quality of the character models that truly stands out. The evolution from the original 3D portrayal of Florida’s gem to the present is nothing short of astounding, especially considering the passage of over two decades.

I know the game is maybe 2+ years away still, but GTA 6 emerges as a true frontrunner, not only in terms of technical advancements but also in the realm of artistry. The photorealistic rendering of skin and hair, coupled with the breathtakingly lifelike animation, represents a colossal leap forward. This first trailer effortlessly dispels any lingering doubts about the prolonged gap since the last major GTA release. The sheer dedication, evident in the form of relentless effort, resources, and investment poured into this game, is nothing short of staggering.

It becomes clear that the wait has been well worth it, given the unprecedented level of detail and craftsmanship that GTA 6 will bring to the gaming landscape.