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The First GTA6 trailer dropped – here’s what I’m thinking

A few thoughts on the GTA6 trailer from Rockstar Games

The first GTA6 trailer, courtesy of Rockstar Games

Reflecting on the three generations that have passed since the iconic GTA: Vice City, it’s not just the expansive scope of the city that captivates but the remarkable quality of the character models that truly stands out. The evolution from the original 3D portrayal of Florida’s gem to the present is nothing short of astounding, especially considering the passage of over two decades.

I know the game is maybe 2+ years away still, but GTA 6 emerges as a true frontrunner, not only in terms of technical advancements but also in the realm of artistry. The photorealistic rendering of skin and hair, coupled with the breathtakingly lifelike animation, represents a colossal leap forward. This first trailer effortlessly dispels any lingering doubts about the prolonged gap since the last major GTA release. The sheer dedication, evident in the form of relentless effort, resources, and investment poured into this game, is nothing short of staggering.

It becomes clear that the wait has been well worth it, given the unprecedented level of detail and craftsmanship that GTA 6 will bring to the gaming landscape.

Transformers Universe Open Beta launches July 4th

Exciting times!! We are launching the Transformers Universe Open Beta this Independence Day (July 4) weekend.

Coming to PC and Mac in summer 2014, Universe is a massively online tactical action game set in the world of Transformers.

Players can sign up for beta access now on the Transformers Universe website.

To celebrate the open beta launch, we are going to to hold a double XP weekend, host a 24-hour live Twitch stream and offer players $75,000 in prizes.


Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield! 🙂


RuneScape 3 launched – Dawn of a New Age

Today marks the launch RuneScape 3, the biggest update in RuneScape’s history. And after the Transformers Universe Closed Beta launch in December the second biggest launch for me here at Jagex!

runescape 3 homepage screenshot

With a brand new age in technology, gameplay and story now the player must drive the future of Gielinor and leave their mark on RuneScape’s 6th Age. The changes in a bit more detail:


  • HTML5 game client: The next generation of RS3 brings a big step up in visual quality with improving lighting, draw distance and colour, loading into your browser in moments, without the need for plug-ins or Java.
  • New audio engine: High-fidelity audio and music, featuring full orchestral pieces written by BAFTA Award winner James Hannigan and played by the Slovak Symphony Orchestra.
  • Seasonal high scores: Compete against your friends and the rest of the RuneScape community to rank on weekly and monthly leaderboards.


  • Dawn of the Sixth Age: The gods of RuneScape are returning. Entrusted as World Guardians, players have the power to decide which gods will win and lose in their struggles for supremacy.
  • The Battle for Lumbridge: An epic-scale world event which will shake the foundations of Gielinor, and one which is driven entirely by your actions. Week by week, your choices will shape the flow of battle and the fate of characters, locations and stories, and the ultimate outcome will set the course for RuneScape’s future.


  • New Interface System: Designed for ease of use and massive depth of customisation, the NIS lets you quickly change RuneScape’s UI according to your play style at any given moment. It also includes feature upgrades such as key binding and a resizable minimap to put even more choice at your fingertips.
  • Upgraded camera: Overhauled and updated, a new in-game camera gives you the freedom to view Gielinor like never before.
  • New community website: Customise your community experience to your specifications, with a new easy-to-navigate website focused on your needs.
  • Divination: Prepare to unlock divine powers from your surroundings with a new skill for RuneScape 3, arriving a few weeks after launch.

Many teams across Jagex have spent months reaching this monumental point bringing players the best browser experience possible.

Try now, play for free!


Game Review: Knights of Pen and Paper

Knights of Pen and Paper game review -

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic for the ‘90s, you may be intrigued by the Knights of Pen and Paper role-playing game, released by Behold Studios. The new RPG uses retro-style pixel art and old-fashioned storytelling in an attempt to help gamers recapture the love of the quest, before it went digital. But does this throwback RPG succeed or fall short? Here’s what you need to know about Knights of Pen and Paper:



Many consider the Dungeons & Dragons era the height of role-playing, and Knights of Pen and Paper cleverly embraces that viewpoint rather than trying to compete with it. The basic concept of the game is that a group of friends play a classic pen-and-paper RPG together, complete with a Dungeon Master, who narrates the quests. The friends and Dungeon Master are present on screen at all times, with the fantasy world and quests emerging in the background, which gives Knights of Pen and Paper the feel of a game-within-a-game.

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Z, The Game released on iPad!

The app developers Kavcom have finally released the remake of the 1996 classic Z for £2.99 on the iTunes store.

For those of you who do not know the game, unlike traditional RTS games, you do not collect resources – you capture sectors, which in turn will allow you to manufacture units quicker, or allow you to have a tactical advantage because sectors can contain factories or turrets. Originally developed by the Bitmap Brothers the game was very well received, and it was the first game I was ever bought by my parents.

The game plays very well on the iPad, the videos are the same as in the original release. Gameplay itself hasn’t changed one bit, it is still very fast paced and can get very hectic at times. Swipe gestures and multiple selection of units works really well. Sound effects are nicely done, both on the music and sound effects front. (btw, you can change the sound and music settings in the iPad Settings, not in the app itself)



Getting ready for carnage:




  • Easy to pick up gameplay, hardly changed from the original
  • Easy to use mini-map and building menus
  • Great music and sound effects follow the 1996 original to a T!
  • Price!


  • A few translation mistakes
  • Building menu is a bit small and may provide problems for people with bigger fingers
  • Seemingly no ability to replay videos



Overall this is a fantastic game, regardless of you having played the original or not. You really ought to give it a try for that price!

You can grab the game from here.