Alexander Rehm is a web designer, information architect and usability & accessibility auditor. He graduated in 2005 with a BA (hons) in Graphic Design and received a prize at the D&AD Awards for his work for a fictional viral marketing campaign in the same year. During his work as a graphic designer he came more and more into contact with web design agencies and started to work freelance for some London and Munich based agencies in 2006.

Alexander has been working for a range of national and international clients, both freelance and within his current line of work. He was also a lecturer at the University of Luton (now University of Bedfordshire). Over the last 8 years Alexander has been working as a freelancer, print designer, artworker, media consultant, flash developer, web architect as well as head of marketing and web services development manager in a number of industries and sectors, and has built up a number of years of experience in working with and for medium-sized and large businesses.

During his work Alexander tends to discuss trends, usability and user experience concerns and advances in online technology. Since some of the comments, notes and thoughts come in handy days or weeks later he decided to create a weblog for himself, colleagues, friends and literally anyone who has a remote interest in design, usability, information architecture and even rants. He is currently working on the book “User Experience Architecture – Accessible Design for Web 3.0” (working title) which will be released soon.