An Inside look at Matchmaking for Call of Duty

Fascinating insights have emerged from the developers of Call of Duty, shedding light on the intricacies of their matchmaking system, with particular emphasis on the contentious issue of skill-based matchmaking. The comprehensive breakdown reveals that the matchmaking process weighs eight factors in total, with player skill being just one of them. Notably, connection quality is the most heavily weighted element, closely followed by the time it takes to find a match.

This disclosure counters the prevalent belief among dedicated players and content creators that ping is no longer the dominant factor in Call of Duty matchmaking. Instead, they contend that skill level significantly influences matchmaking decisions, sometimes leading to players being placed in matches with higher ping to align with their skill level. The revelation also delves into the nuanced measurement of latency, indicating that the game utilizes Delta Ping, which measures the round-trip time difference between the nearest server and the server associated with the evaluated lobby. Although the blog assures that players typically connect to servers in close proximity, it hints that exceptions may occur, likely influenced by the time-to-match factor.

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