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Z, The Game released on iPad!

The app developers Kavcom have finally released the remake of the 1996 classic Z for £2.99 on the iTunes store.

For those of you who do not know the game, unlike traditional RTS games, you do not collect resources – you capture sectors, which in turn will allow you to manufacture units quicker, or allow you to have a tactical advantage because sectors can contain factories or turrets. Originally developed by the Bitmap Brothers the game was very well received, and it was the first game I was ever bought by my parents.

The game plays very well on the iPad, the videos are the same as in the original release. Gameplay itself hasn’t changed one bit, it is still very fast paced and can get very hectic at times. Swipe gestures and multiple selection of units works really well. Sound effects are nicely done, both on the music and sound effects front. (btw, you can change the sound and music settings in the iPad Settings, not in the app itself)



Getting ready for carnage:




  • Easy to pick up gameplay, hardly changed from the original
  • Easy to use mini-map and building menus
  • Great music and sound effects follow the 1996 original to a T!
  • Price!


  • A few translation mistakes
  • Building menu is a bit small and may provide problems for people with bigger fingers
  • Seemingly no ability to replay videos



Overall this is a fantastic game, regardless of you having played the original or not. You really ought to give it a try for that price!

You can grab the game from here.


Taking the iCab – first impressions of the iCab Mobile Browser

A few weeks ago I tested Mercury Web Browser Pro for iPad, which in my first impressions didn’t do so well. I went out again and had a look at a few more browsers, and this week’s choice is iCab. And at a price twice the cost of Mercury (£1.19 to be exact).

At first run I tried to use my company internal websites to see if I could work with them, since Mercury had a problem with popups. Well, the first time I tried my pages everything seemed to work fine, however on second try the next day they would not. Really annoying. I have been playing with the settings, even cleared the cache and uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but no joy. A real shame!

So, now that we established that the app failed at the most critical task for me (I know, it is a really trivial thing, pop-ups, but because this is how the in-house system works it therefore means that I won’t be able to use iCab for work) let’s have a look in more detail and see if iCab can redeem itself (also, screenshots after the break)…

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Playing with Mercury – first impressions of Mercury Web Browser Pro for iPad

So I have been trying out a new browser for the iPad, and seeing that the Mercury Web Browser Pro is currently only £0.59 I couldn’t say no.

So far, I am enjoying it, it looks nice, the tabs are nicely done, albeit the buttons are a bit small; however, I found 3 points with it that made me reconsider my buying choice a little:

1. Bookmarks import. The import went fine, however managing bookmarks didn’t. Some folders it would let me move, some it wouldn’t, and no matter how the folders are spelled, some it just would not move or even let me edit. Very annoying.

2. Pop-ups! Safari can handle pop-ups, so why can’t Mercury? A real shame as an intranet application we use requires pop-ups for confirmation and data managing, so cannot use Mercury for that task

3. Bookmarks grid. Not sure what I am doing wrong, no matter what I press I cannot find an easy way to move bookmarks to that grid! It’s probably a user error on my part, it is just frustrating that I do not seem to be able to do that.


Overall, it looks like a decent browser, but these 3 issues need to be resolved until I can really consider it a worthy replacement to Safari…


How-to: recruiting the best staff for your design studio

how to recruit the best staff for a design studio - your own design studio – now that is a nice thought, isn’t it? You’re the boss, and your creative knowledge and skills are steering your career and popularity within the industry.

There comes a time though when the work-load is too much, or where you and your partners want to get more hands on deck to help with the creative process or managing the projects or even manage your bank account. It is difficult to decide when and how to grow your own business. There are many factors to consider, client relationships, economic climate, location or size of the office, costs for staff and hardware,…. the list can go on! Getting the balance between “running at or over capacity” and “part-time idle staff” right can be daunting, so let’s have a look at what you could do. Keep Reading

Small downtime – but now I’m back!

Downtime - reader,

I would like to apologise for the downtime and/or sluggish speeds in accessing this weblog over the last week. The reason was that one of the servers of the datacenter this website is being hosted with has malfunctioned and needed some TLC and a reboot or two.

Everything should be sorted now and we are back in business! 🙂

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Using twitter for your business – what to look out for

I have been using Twitter for a littlewhile now. It is fast, very entertaining, and you can connect to and with friends, colleagues, business partners and like-minded people in your field.

A few days ago I spoke to a client of mine from a few years ago who wondered why his company was not using twitter for their own business since their RSS subscriber number was not that great (~150). The idea of his was to use twitter as a tool to show the more personal, more human side of the business, being able to interact with its customers and visitors, and engaging with similar companies, suppliers, even competitors. Well, that was the idea at least, and he asked me what I thought about that.

So what does twitter mean to a business? How can you make sure your business looks professional? Keep Reading

A small update – it has been a while…

A lot has happened in the world of information architecture, usability and Flash development…and I have been really slow updating the blog with useful information. For that I apologise. I changed jobs in August and am now a Web Services Development Manager at a lovely company called Melon Design & Marketing (our new website will go live soon!). Obviously, a new job requires new challenges, and these have taken a lot of my personal time to get used to the new climate and to effectively make a difference.

So, a quick update on this blog (thought it might be quite interesting, it certainly is for me!):

  • The blog was set up on February 19th 2008
  • Since then it has attracted over 26,000 views
  • The biggest referrers at the moment are Ubisoft’s forum, Gearbox software forum, a few magazine sites (due to the BiA post) and Facebook
  • The RSS feed has attracted 67 readers (hey, its a start considering I never expected the blog to take off anyway!)
  • Spam Karma has caught 712 spam messages since February (in your face, spammers!!)

Additionally, I have now joined Twitter, why not say “hi”, I would appreciate it 😉

Thanks and best wishes to all my readers, I’ll continue about IA, Usability and Flash Development soon!