Reus Gameplay – first 40 minutes

After having played a bit of Metro: Last Light, I decided to give Reus a try. The first 40 minutes of gameplay of the Indie game Reus. I really liked the idea of a semi-Populous, semi-Black & White game in which you control your civilizations through wonders, gifts and other means. This is what it looks like:

Running on an i7 @ 2.66GHz, 12GB RAM and a GTX 580 @ 1920×1200, all details on high / very high. Recorded using DXtory.

About Reus

In Reus, you control powerful giants that help you shape the planet to your will. You can create mountains and oceans, forests and more. Enrich your planet with plants, minerals and animal life. There is only one thing on the planet that you do not control: mankind, with all their virtues and and all their vices. You can shape their world, but not their will. Provide for them and they may thrive. Give them too much, and their greed may gain the upper hand.

Developer: Abbey Games
Publisher: Abbey Games
Release Date: 16 May 2013

Reus is now available on Steam and Gog: