Adobe releases Coldfusion 9 betas

ColdFusion 9 beta released - WhatwasithinkingA couple of weeks ago, the brilliant minds behing Adobe released beta versions of ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder to its Adobe Labs members. This latest version of ColdFusion features a greater integration with the popular Flash platform, including AIR, Flex (and Flex Builder) and Flash Media Server, making it easier for developers to create rich user interfaces for (web) applications. Not only that, ColdFusion 9 accelerates the development cycle by reducing complex code and the ability to access data from existing infrastructures based on enterprise solutions such as MS Office, Sharepoint and other standards.

Since the integration of the Flash and PDF ( since ColdFusion 8 ) platforms, more and more developers are flocking towards ColdFusion again, and it is seen as a great alternative to meet business needs quickly and effectively, and more and more businesses are hiring ColdFusion developers because of that.

Read more about ColdFusion 9’s key features and download links…

Some of the Coldfusion 9 features include:

  • ColdFusion Object Relational Mapping (ColdFusion ORM) – a powerful Rapid Application Development (RAD) solution for building data-centric applications
  • Offline application support for AIR applications
  • Enhanced Flash remoting capabilities
  • A broader set of Ajax controls that leverage the new Ext JS 3.0 library
  • Improved PDF functionality
  • Integration with other products and technologies such as Microsoft SharePoint and OpenOffice
  • Server Manager – an AIR-based desktop application to centrally manage multiple ColdFusion servers from a single location
  • Powerful search capabilities using Solr, an open-source enterprise search server based on the Lucene Java search library
  • database enhancements and significant performance enhancements such as, granular control over caching, in-memory file capabilities, and improved clustering
  • many language and CFC enhancements

You can download the ColdFusion 9 beta here, the ColdFusion builder beta can be found here (Adobe Labs membership required). As always, these are betas and may still contain a ton of bugs, so make sure you backup and existing projects, just to be safe 😉